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What Is A Fire Supression System?

A fire suppression system has three functions: efficient detection of a fire, appropriate reaction to the size and type of fire, and effective application of an agent to suppress and extinguish the fire.

A fire suppression system is an engineered system that includes built-in components that detect fires. They’re used to prevent fires in plant equipment or buildings. These systems may combine dry chemicals, inert gases and water and foam solutions to suppress fires.

Suppression systems offer a wide range of protection levels which are not found with traditional fire sprinkler systems.

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5 Types Of Fire Supression Systems:

1. Environmentally friendly Foam Deluge System
For chemical or fuel fires where using water would be hazardous. A foam/water mix provides blanket cover.

2. Dry chemical
Releases a dry chemical powder to extinguish the fire. Often used in overhead applications to protect large areas with multiple and varying obstacles .

3. Water Mist Systems
Improves traditional water sprinkler systems by producing ultra-fine water droplets. Used typically in closed areas to control Class C gas fires or high flow nozzles typically used to protect oil filled high voltage transformers.

4. Gaseous systems also known as “Clean Agent” systems
Typically used in computer and switch rooms with sensitive equipment that may be ruined by water. They reduce oxygen levels to smother or react chemically to break the combustion chain reaction.

5. Early warning detection systems
Uses infrared technology or air sampling systems most typically in sensitive areas to allow early, targeted action, such as shutting down the power to the area and the subsequent controlled discharge of the agent.

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