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Fire And Smoke Doors

A fire and smoke door (which is also known as a passive fire protection) is built into the structure of the building to help prevent the spread of fire. When a building is designed, an architect will arrange the building on the basis of different types of compartments.

Compartmentalisation is the most common form of passive fire protection. The idea is to divide a structure into “fire compartments”, which may contain single or multiple rooms, for the purpose of limiting the spread of fire, smoke and gases to other parts of a building.
You will find the use of fire doors in most buildings.

There are generally two different types of fire doors used:

  • Sole Occupancy Unit Fire Rating Level -/60/30:
    This type of fire door is a one hour rated fire door.
  • Common Property Fire Door -/120/30:
    This type of fire door is a two hour rated fire door

The above numbers refer to the following:

  • Structural adequacy – How long the structure will support the load and remain vertical.
  • Integrity – How long the structure will inhibit flames.
  • Insulation – how long the structure will not increase in temperature.

Fire Door Inspections

The Building Code of Australia and local council legislation requires that fire doors be inspected and tested at the following intervals:

  • 6 Monthly – Common Property Fire Doors
  • Annual – Common Property Fire doors and Sole Occupancy Unit Fire Doors

For a fire door to be certified as being a fire door the following is required:

  • Fire Rated Frame
  • Approved Fire Rated Hardware
  • Fire Rated Automatic Door Closer
  • One Hour or Two Hour fire rated door certified according to the Australian Standards AS1905 and having the correct fire rating level.

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