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What Is A Fire Alarm System?

An efficient fire alarm system provides early detection of smoke and flame and can distinguish that from normal operating atmospheric conditions such as dust and fog. The fire alarm system is a crucial first part of a holistic fire suppression system. Efficient detection and monitoring acts as the trigger for the rest of the system to kick-in. People are alerted and evacuated and sprinkler and suppression systems can operate automatically to extinguish the fire.

A Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) is the controlling component that receives information from the environmental sensors, such as heat or smoke detectors, activated by the threat of a fire. Manual triggers, like ‘break glass’ units, can also be incorporated.

If a fire is detected, the FIP can produce audible and visual alerts to warn occupants of the danger. The fire brigade can monitor the panels when they attend and use it for tasks like shutting off the air conditioning systems to stop smoke spreading.

Types Of Fire Alarm Systems

Flame Control Industries can advise you on the best type of fire alarm system for your specific purpose, based on the class of building and intended use:

  • Emergency Warning System audible warning signals on each level or zone in a building. There are two standard signals, alert and evacuation, that may be a tone or voice message. These systems can also play music and routine public address announcements. Visual warning lights may also be installed in high ambient noise areas.
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System includes the same features plus emergency telephone communication between the master emergency control panel and each zone’s fire warden intercommunication points.
  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System automatically activated by the fire alarm system or manually by a ‘break glass point’ for the orderly evacuation of a building in an emergency.

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