When fire strikes in a home or workplace, having the right safety equipment available to use can spell the difference between huge amounts of damage and loss, and a minor situation, in just minutes. Calling your local fire department and evacuating a burning building are the best moves to make when a fire becomes unmanageable. However, many small fires can be put out using a fire extinguisher or a tool like a fire blanket before they get out of hand, however.

Brisbane fire safety equipment comes in different versions depending on the potential dangers in your workplace. Getting the details right is vital! Protect your property and your employees for a better tomorrow.

What fire safety equipment is right for your workplace?
It isn’t always easy to ascertain what type of fire protection equipment you need to have for use at your business or on your job site. To get started you might do the following:

  • List the flammable materials onsite
  • Consider the fuels you use
  • Consider the potential for an electrical fire involving computers and other technical equipment to arise
  • Look for any other fire hazards that exist
  • Examine the existing fire protection including a sprinkler system and fire extinguishers
  • Examine your kitchen, if you have one, for fire safety

Remember, your Brisbane fire safety equipment will change depending on the size of your building, as well as the type of business you run, and the number of people you typically have onsite. This includes employees, visitors, and clients. Obviously, the fire safety needs of a small office are different from those of a large restaurant. It’s important that your business is compliant with Australian regulations and has the protection it needs.

Why you need the right fire protection equipment
Some fire protection, like a sprinkler system, targets any and all fires once enough smoke is present in the building to set it off. Fire equipment like fire extinguishers, however, need to be used by hand. What you use and how you use it is up to the person holding the equipment.

It’s important to know that different types of fires, such as grease fires or chemical fires, require different methods to be extinguished. There are different classes of fire extinguishers. Some fire extinguishers put out multiple fire types including fires fueled by textiles, paper, wood fires, flammable liquids, gases, and electrical components, for example. Others are used almost exclusively for putting out cooking oil fires. We can help you determine which type you need and how many extinguishers your site should have.

In addition, sometimes other fire equipment is needed. Some jobs require mobile fire suppression equipment such as when facing the potential of vehicle fires. Others benefit from building-wide fire suppression systems that may release water or chemicals or rely on infrared technology and air sampling to beat a fire.  Fire hydrant systems, sprinkler systems, fire pump sets, and emergency warning systems are just some of the products Flame Control specialises in installing, servicing, maintaining, and designing.

At Flame Control Industries, we offer you the best in Brisbane fire safety equipment and services. As a trusted fire protection services business servicing Queensland and the Northern Territory, we provide you with guidance and advice regarding the right fire equipment needed to keep your business or job site safe and compliant. Once you have the right equipment in place, our training courses inform employees on the best practices when it comes to fire prevention and fighting small workplace fires.

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