Fires are one of the most devastating but avoidable disasters to businesses and homes. In Australia the dry weather and bushfires increase the risk as seen during the devastating fires of  2020 with losses totalling billions of dollars.

It is crucial for businesses to implement proactive mitigation measures through suppression systems. The investment can be a life and money saver.

It is especially important for commercial operations that involve a higher risk of fire to install a fire control system. These include businesses working with any flammable materials, cooking, and heavy equipment use. Early detection and alert systems with an excellent fail-proof history provide a shield against losses.

 Why do you need a fire suppression system?

  • The systems have a less messy clean-up process after use. They use foam, dry chemicals, mist, or inert gas.
  • Since there is minimal damage to property through suppressing systems, the downtime is cut back. A business can return to its regular operation with minimal interruption.
  • There is less damage to property because of minimal or zero water content in the suppressant. They are still effective with the ability to block oxygen contact with the combusting fuel.
  • They are safe with minimal health and environmental hazards. They leave hardly any harmful residue of gas discharge or corrosive material.

How Flame Control Industries Systems Work

Flame Control Industries offer the best in Brisbane Fire Suppression Systems with detection for heat and smoke. The detectors trigger an integrated alarm. This automatically activates the system to start operating by releasing fire extinguishing elements to halt fire progression.

Listed here are five suppression systems that offer excellent fire control:

Environmentally Friendly Foam Deluge System

This is a foam-based suppression system that separates oxygen and fuel causing the fire to die out. Typical foam systems use an aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) which is a health and environmental risk because of fluorocarbon surfactants and is restricted in suppression systems. Flame Control Industry’s foam deluge system is environmentally friendly and is effective in starving the fire of oxygen; the foam covers the fuel with a coating and the oxygen cannot get in contact.

Advantages of foam deluge systems

  • This system is not water-based, and the water in the foam is minimal, which reduces water damage to surfaces.
  • It is safe with minimal health hazards compared to the conventional foam system

Dry Chemical System

This suppression system entails the use of a dry chemical containing potassium bicarbonate that acts rapidly to extinguish flammable liquid fires. It is a suitable method for high-risk areas like chemical plants or refineries.

Advantages of dry chemical systems

  • It puts out a fire quickly, significantly reducing fire hazards in places with highly combustible materials such as in refineries and chemical plants.
  • The clean-up after it’s triggered is safe and minimal.

Water Mist Systems

Water mist systems use water through a fine spray to suppress and extinguish the fire. The fine water spray comes with low, medium, and high-pressure adjustments in the system. They work by coating the surface with small droplets. These droplets lower the temperature of the surface and environment. Second, the droplets help starve the fire of its fuel.

It is best used for the following kinds of ‌fires:

  • Ordinary combustible fire
  • Flammable liquid
  • Electrical fire.

Advantages of water mist systems

  • Water mist systems are a better option when it comes to water systems due to reduced water content and decreased water damage.
  • It is gaining ground, where applicable, as an alternative to the total flood carbon dioxide system, which poses hazard risks: The high concentration of carbon dioxide required to put out fire affects the central nervous systems of people in the area and can lead to unconsciousness.

Gaseous Systems

Gaseous systems, also known as clean agent fire suppression systems, use chemicals or inert gas to reduce oxygen to an unsustainable level for combustion (below 15%). The system comprises fire detectors, store containers for the agents or inert gas, release valves, and dispersal nozzles. The gases in the agents may include nitrogen and argon. They are stored in gas or liquid form. If the fire detectors are triggered, the agent is released in gaseous form to suppress the fire.

Advantages of clean agent systems

  • Clean agent systems minimise damage to the environment by using gas suppression. It is the method of preference for fire mitigation in a place with highly valuable contents
  • The clean-up stage is minimal, easy, and safe

Early Warning Detection Systems

Early warning detection systems are extremely sensitive detectors that can provide a warning at the early stage of a low-energy fire before it gains momentum. The system has smoke detection sensors, fire detectors, and wireless sensors with alerts, as well as panic buttons and two-way communications. It can detect air samples, smoke, and flames, and trigger a warning alarm.

Advantages of early warning detection systems

  • The systems detect and give prompt alerts for fire and smoke to assist in early actions of fire control measures with minimal hassle.
  • It provides businesses and residential buildings with great assurance of the safety of fireproofing with highly sensitive detectors of air samples.

Five Reasons to choose Flame Control Industries for your Brisbane Fire Suppression Systems

  • Flame Control Industries has a range of the best industry systems for a wide variety of Brisbane fire safety solutions in Queensland and New Territory.
  • We have licensed technicians who competently service and maintain the fire control systems and equipment so they can operate with excellence and reliability.
  • Flame Control Industries has an online flame control portal where clients can conveniently track maintenance records. That way you can rest assured that your fire control system is up to date.
  • We offer on-site training including staff in commercial premises on fire emergency management, risks, and prevention.
  • We have built a reliable reputation through our professional services with many years of experience with excellent results of integrity, competency, industry know-how, and great client relations.

Take Away
Flame Control Industries is a leading fire control company in Queensland and the New Territory states, with a wide range of systems that have unique features suited for different purposes and environments. We have built a reliable reputation through our professional services as a leader in Brisbane Fire Suppression Systems.

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