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Flame Control Industries are the trusted choice in fire protection right across QLD and NT.

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Fire is a major threat to businesses, not only in Brisbane and Darwin, but everywhere, especially in situations involving heavy equipment, cooking, higher temperatures, and flammable materials.

Being able to reduce the risk is vital. Being able to control any fire is equally essential as rapid control can save you a fortune, even save your business. But far more important, of course, is your safety, and that of your employees and any members of the public. At Flame Control Industries, we source the best equipment and systems from around the world to make you and your operation as safe as it can be.

As well as providing fire protection products, we can train you in handling emergencies, assessing the fire risk in your business, staff fire training, using fire alarms, and more.


We treat our customers and each other fairly and honestly, we take our commitments seriously and do what we say we are going to do.


If we say that we will be there, we will definitely be there.


Our staff will demonstrate a sincere interest in, and respect for, client business affairs and a desire to help them.


As the experts in the field of fire safety installation maintenance, we will communicate clearly and concisely to our customers and seek to help resolve issues quickly.


We strive to continually set the standard for excellence in everything we do. We take all matters relating to our customers seriously and act with a sense of urgency to respond to them.


We look for new opportunities and welcome challenges because they bring out the best in our abilities and provide meaningful professional growth.

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Streamlined Servicing
Saving Time & Money

Our systems, staff and product offering is industry leading. We have fine-tuned our service to ensure that our clients enjoy the best fire protection offering saving them both time and money.

Highly Qualified &
Experienced Technicians

Our technicians are licensed to service a multitude of different fire protection systems and equipment. Our clients have peace of mind knowing that they are dealing direct with a highly experienced technician.

Industry Leading Systems

We invest in the best systems and processes to ensure the best solutions for our QLD and NT clients. Our online Flame Control portal makes it easy for clients to easily keep track and access all of their maintenance records.

Client Focused

We are 100% focused on helping our clients achieve their fire protection goals. Our core focus is customer satisfaction and ensuring that the solutions we provide are not only the best solution for their needs, but are provided to the highest of quality standards.

“Flame Control Industries have been fantastic in making sure we are complying to all the fire safety standards, they completed an audit, designed our safety system and then came back and installed all the appropriate equipment. Cannot recommend the Fire Control industries team more highly, it was such an easy process.

ALLEN – Enrista